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Spring into Style: Discover the Hottest Nail Trends of 2024!

Here are the hottest nail trends of spring 2024 that passed the CHALK vibe. From vibrant reds to the most colorful nail art, there will be.

Pearl chrome nail art on ballerina nails by CHALK

1. French Tip with a Twist

The timeless French manicure has evolved over the years, embracing various interpretations. Move beyond the traditional white tips and explore a spectrum of colors or dazzling sparkles for a modern twist. Get creative with stickers to add flair to the negative space and elevate your nail game.

Colorful reverse french nail art for spring 2024 by CHALK
Reverse French Nail Art

2. Airbrushed Nails

Airbrush nails surged in popularity last year and show no signs of slowing down. Experts anticipate that airbrushing will dominate nail trends this spring based on viral aura nails seen on TikTok. 

Red Aura nail art by CHALK
Red Aura Nails

3. Range of Reds

We anticipate that various shades of red will become popular, inspired by the latest Pantone Color of the Year, Viva Magenta. You can never go wrong with a classic red nail look, giving you an instant boost of confidence and sophistication.

Hands with red stiletto nails, made by CHALK, holding a cup.
Red Stiletto Nails

4. Short Nail Art

If you've never been a fan of extra-long, almond-shaped nails, there's good news on the horizon: shorter, more practical nail shapes are becoming increasingly popular. "Many of my clients are moving away from Gel-X extensions and embracing their natural nails at a shorter length," a nail expert explains. What's even better is that the smaller canvas doesn't restrict creativity, as many nail designs are adaptable to average-sized nails.

Negative space black moon nail art by CHALK.
Negative Space Nail Art

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