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Cut & Style

A fresh, new hair cut can create a body, reduce the unwanted volume and transform your hair's look and texture. Simple and classic cuts or styles fresh from the catwalk are effortlessly delivered by our team teasing unruly tresses into luscious locks.

Hair Updo

It can be as simple as a ponytail or an elaborated hair arrangement intended for a special occasion. 


Get your hair game on with a simple three-strand braid, some trendy boxing braids or a full-braided head ‘Rastafari style’!

#CHALK Special

A total makeover tailored to your style and creatively designed according to your facial features.




Beard Trim

A scented steamed towel to open the pores, followed by meticulously shaping or shaving your beard with the trimmer and ending with a cold towel and a post-shave balm.

Clean Shave

A sensory experience that starts with a pre-shave oil and a hot towel, followed by a flawless shave and ending with a post-shave balm, leaving you refreshed and invigorated.


A revitalizing experience that starts with a scented steaming hot towel, steam, face wash and scrub to gently cleanse and refresh your skin. We then apply a pre-shave oil, prior to meticulously shaping or shaving your beard, and topping it off with a masque, a cold towel to close the pores,  post-shave balm and cologne.



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